Bored Ape NFTs get the Hollywood treatment

Bored Ape NFTs get the Hollywood treatment

April 22, 2022 Off By Mags Smith

Do you own a bored ape NFT? Me neither! But if you did you would be able to ‘audition’ your NFT for a new film trilogy. 

The BAYC NFT collection has in just over a year turned itself into one of the most valuable brands in the world today with its holding company valued at an estimated $4 Billion. The key to this is that unlike most NFT’s Bored Ape owners actually own the licensing rights to their NFT’s which has lead to Bored Ape restaurants being opened and even an official Addidas collaboration. The latest addition to the BAYC’s growing list of expansions… a movie.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is being turned into not just one movie but three, with cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase in the directors chair. The franchise known as the Degan Trilogy has shared little in the way of spoilers. However, we do know that the first short in the trilogy will premiere at the NFT.NYC conference in June.

The lack of info on the franchise is in fact due to Yuga labs has putting out a casting call to all Bored Ape NFT’s. Owners are being encouraged to submit their apes with their very own backstory to audition for a part in the trilogy. If their ape is chosen they will receive $10,000 in licensing fees paid out in either Bitcoin or Ape Coin.

The microsite will give visitors the opportunity to vote on their favourite storylines in a choose your own adventure style voting system. To access the site users need to connect their Coinbase wallet which will give users access to a host of features such as sweepstakes and story drops.

This is just another way that Coinbases marketing team is using the entertainment industry to showcase their emerging product lines and by all accounts is set to take NFT’s mainstream. “We wanted to find a way to celebrate the NFT space and really the utility of NFTs, and make it a cross-over project that brings new people into the fold,” says William Swann, Coinbase’s entertainment and culture marketing director. 

Here’s a look at the official trailer: